Zika Virus | What Is Microcephaly?


What we know – and what we don’t – about microcephaly and its connection to Zika virus. Click here for the full story: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3429979»»» Subscribe …



  1. The first South American field trial of our Wolbachia method has begun in Brazil, with the initial releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes taking place in Tubiacanga.

    The community of Tubiacanga, in Rio de Janeiro, has shown strong support for the releases and joined our team in a celebration to mark the occasion on September 24, 2014. The event drew attention from news services locally and across Brazil, where dengue is a significant and growing health problem.

    We plan to release Wolbachia mosquitoes in our Tubiacanga field site once a week for approximately four months,

    note;- it takes approx 6 months to start reducing zika in mosquito's using wolbachia bacteria' therefor this timing coincides exactly with the zika virus which is capable of switching the wolbachia gene cifA off ‘leaving the gne cif B turned on’ in the mosquito’ thus altering RNA in the mosquito and human sperm’ which when enters ovum causes neuron scaffold progenitor cells to mis-function’ when assembling the fetus’ which is the cause of microcephaly in new born babies;

    note;- this after 9 to 12 months coincides exactly when microcephaly peaked in late November 2015 (week 47), an average of 23 weeks after the start of the epidemics of ZIKV infection and GBS

    note well microcephaly occurs in the first trimester due to zika switching off wolbachia cif A genes and thus leaving cif B genes to cause neuron scaffold progenitor cells to fail;
    most Doctors in Brazil now know this' however the presence of zika is now reduced due to wolbachia so the future looks bright and OK after all the trouble it has caused;

  2. They finally did it! They found the pesticides linked to the condition, had nothing to do with the virus after all. The mosquitoes with the virus also contained startling concentrations of the chemical as well. Because it's just an "insect" they can't blame anyone for this. You can go after monsanto all you want, but it will never change anything. So sad these humans won't ever take action for the crimes committed against them.