Zika Virus Webinar – Feb 2017


Ecolab Webinar on Zika Virus. Learn how you can reduce the risk of disease transmission from mosquitoes.



  1. I would like to suggest that Wolbachia in vertebrates is playing some role. Zika could be behaving like a bacteriophage. And I am aware that it is thought that Wolbachia cannot infected vertebrates. However, Culex mosquitoes (proven to be ZIKV vectors in Brazil and China) can transmit the nematode that emits Wolbachia (i.e. lymphatic filariasis and river blindness).

    So, once Wolbachia comes in contact with the human (or vertebrate) hemolymphatic system, it can indeed cause disease.

    Also, Wolbachia can either impede or promote the pathogen's replication and survival (Zug and Hammerstein, 2015). And the presence of a virus facilitates the invasion of Wolbachia (Strauß and Telschow, 2015).

    Therefore, perhaps we cannot think linear about how the Zika virus infects humans (or vertebrates) and causes the most devastating congenital anomalies.

    If being infected with Zika (in a vertebrate, human, mouse, bird, or monkey) actually facilitates the invasion of Wolbachia, then perhaps we are missing what occurs in the most dire cases of Zika infection.

    That is: vertebrates become infected with Zika and then acquire Wolbachia.

    And I'm sure you are aware that Wolbachia are expected to reside primarily in the host reproductive tissues. Although another study states: "In Drosophila,the distribution of the pathogenic Wolbachia strain, wMelPop, in the nervous system of adults is temperature dependent, with increased temperature favoring the expansion of Wolbachia from the central brain to peripheral areas such as the optic lobe and retina (Strunov, Kiseleva, & Gottlieb, 2013)." Source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mbo3.390/full

    Please note: the wMelPop strain of Wolbachia IS one (of three) being used in Wolbachia-infected Aedes releases funded by Bill Gates and four gov'ts. For more: http://www.infobarrel.com/More_Proof_Wolbachia-Infected_Mosquito_Releases_Might_Be_Causing_the_Most_Devastating_Zika_Infections

    Another issue may be that birds are amplifying the virus (as in the Utah case, wherein the deceased person had blood virus levels more than 100,000 times higher than amounts seen in other people with Zika infections).

    Renown medical and veterinary entomologist, Dr. Fiona Hunter, sent me the study titled "Arbovirus Survey in Wild Birds in Uganda" by Okia, N.O. et al. Journal article: East African Medical Journal 1971 Vol.48 No.12 pp.725-31. I have included pertinent information in my latest article (with citations):http://www.infobarrel.com/Red-Whiskered_Bulbul_Zikas_Ideal_Reservoir_Host