Zika virus still a concern this Summer – KBTX


BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) – On Thursday, six cases Zika virus were confirmed and all were pregnant women.

One Brazos County mom, Nikkie Alvarez, said the news out of Houston has her very concerned. She says she’ll be taking extra precautions this Summer; something she did while she was pregnant.

“It was definitely on my mind,” said Alvarez.

The cases in Houston were all contracted by women traveling in other areas.

One case has also been confirmed in Brazos County in February.

The woman was not pregnant, but was also traveling.

“This type of mosquito can breed in less than a cap full of water,” said Julie Anderson, the community health services director at Brazos County Health Department.

To keep yourself protected, Anderson says to use bug spray, wear long sleeves and dump anything in your yard where water can collect.

“It’s going to be In your drains, the curb, old tires, things we don’t think about,” said Anderson

The health department has been monitoring areas in Brazos County where mosquitoes that can carry the virus are present.

The places they say you can expect a large mosquito presence are
Parkway park, Raintree Park, the Stonebridge area, Agronomy road near Texas A&M’s campus, Camelot Park and Lemontree Park.

These areas were identified because they had a higher than normal egg count.

“As the summer months approach, the hot weather will help with drying up standing weather, but we did get recent rains that were unexpected for this time so stay vigilant,” said Anderson.

Officials say 80% of people who have Zika will never show symptoms.

One of these most common signs is eye redness.

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