Zika virus spreading tentacles in MP, 7 cases in Bhopal, 12 in Vidisha, Sehore – The Hitavada


Zika virus spreading tentacles in MP, 7 cases in Bhopal, 12 in Vidisha, Sehore 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Nov 2018 13:03:46


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IN Madhya Pradesh, 31 people fell prey to Zika virus. State Vector Borne Diseases Control Department confirmed the data. They confirmed that as many as 7 patients of Bhopal and 12 each from Vidisha and Sehore are found suffering from Zika virus infection.

Director of State Vector Borne Disease Control Department Dr Himanshu Jaiswar said that health officers have collected 200 samples of suspecting Zika virus infected patients. Samples were sent to Viral Research and Diagnostic Lab (VRDL) of AIIMS Bhopal. VRDL confirmed 31 patients suffering from Zika virus infection.

Out of these 31 patients, 7 are from Bhopal, 12 from Sehore and 12 from Vidisha. He also told that Health Department has sent these samples to National Institute of virology (NIV) Pune to confirm these samples. He added that in wake of rising cases of Zika virus and other vector-borne diseases Health Department and Bhopal Municipal Corporation in a joint venture is taking various preventive measures. They are conducting awareness programmes and fogging at counter parts of the State capital. He also said Zika virus infection is so far incurable but Health Department is giving support treatment to patients.

Moreover, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Sudhir Jesani confirmed that looking towards rising casesof vector-borne diseases, the Health Department is conducting larvae survey across the district. On Friday, 124 teams of health officers conducted a larvae survey programme in State capital. They discovered mosquito larvae near 222 houses out of 5,170 houses. Health officers also surveyed 30,563 containers and found mosquito larvae in 244 containers. He added that 25 dengue samples were sent for testing.

Out of which 7 cases were detected dengue positive on November 11. He also said that no chikungunya and swine flu cases are reported on Friday. Dr Jesani appealed people to do not ignore even mild fever and cough rather visit nearest doctor as soon as possible.


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