Zika Virus Prevention for Puerto Rico (:30)


Zika can be scary, but you can take steps to protect yourself, your family and your community from the spread of Zika virus. COVER and REPEL, REMOVE COLLECTED WATER, KEEP MOSQUITOES OUT OF…



  1. The CDC is a fraudulent U.S. criminal enterprise. They are being exposed all over the globe as we speak. They are the reason we have an opioid problem here in the U.S. They are being investigated currently and will be exposed. Thank you to those that are going to expose them it is about time!

  2. Will they help protect people when they're about to get zika virus and I'm sorry to say this but I've been taking care of myself when I was at home or at work I took plenty of rest and also taking care of myself with my family with healthy foods and healthy exercise and also relaxation

  3. also, where is the emphasis on birth control? if you're not planning to get pregnant Zika is another good reason to have a good plan for avoiding pregnancy. ask your family doctor about an IUD, Nexplanon, the patch, the Nuvaring, etc.