Zika Virus | Florida Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY


Gov. Rick Scott said he wanted the state to be prepared should the virus be detected in residents.



  1. them bastards better not spray their poison over around us. they give the pregnet women over in Brazil a vaccine when they are pregnet it is the fuckin vaccine it is not the mosquito and for Rick Scott I wish they would hang his ass they spry pesticides in brazil heavy and they are making the pregnet women sick and their child it is one of jthe other ,the vaccine or the heavy spraying of jpesticides that most other countries have banned. I m not falling for their friggin lies and the media pumps up all their lies , who else is gonna get the lies out so everyone can be brainwashed into believing this corrupt bullshit.

  2. The Almighty says, "The idols that you set up beside the Almighty Creator are not able to create a Mosquito even if they all band together and if the Mosquito steals anything from them they are not able to recover it; weak is the pursuer and pursued" (The scientifically proven Arabic Quran base on mathematic the exact science 22:73)

  3. nobody's dying from this virus. only pregnant women with a fetus within the first trimester are at risk. this should not be no state of emergency if this virus was killing 7 out of the 10 people that comes in contact with then there's cause for panic but there's no cause for panic here. it's no worse than the flu virus actually it's not even that bad. getting the nation worked up for nothing. the media is trying to sell a big pandemic but there is no such pandemic happening.