Zika Virus Effects Unborn Children


Zika virus is a member of the Flaviviridae virus family and the Flavivirus genus. In humans, it causes a mild illness known as Zika fever, Zika, or it causes a mild …



  1. There should be outrage and questions regarding the multi's release millions of genetically modified (GM) Aedes aegypti in April and July 2015 in Brazil who created this outbreak and before que in Malaysia and the Caribbean, and before que secret in the Cayman Islands the British company Oxitec for profit and the NYSE, which may well be responsible for this outbreak and its mutation. The GM Aedes aegypti mosquitoes was made with the inserted protein fragments from E. coli, Herpes virus and cabbage. Male mosquitoes are not the only ones thrown and a small percentage of females are released too, those Who may not be all separated. It is unknown what a bite of a mosquito GM can do to humans, because it's all an experiment. Human consequences are completely unknown! Oxitec is funded by the Bill Gates Foundation on her. This is not a coincidence! These new symptoms, Zika virus rare before the release of transgenic mosquitoes? Tetracycline invalidate his death and can be obtained by mosquitoes water and soil containing it. Oxitec in my opinion may be responsible for this and is 'crime against humanity.' Now Oxitec wants to throw more to win this Zika virus outbreak to make more money? it has not been tested in humans people!

    There is no way que this outbreak and epidemic in Brazil is entirely coincidental.

    further in northeast Brazil, where there is most cases, but this Brazilian region is known for centuries severe drought of Brazil's colonial times and never had such cases only after infestation of the genetically modified mosquito that was epidemic.
    share these stories with more people and spread the press are reporting fake and not telling the truth. another fact that proves the African history has cases zika decades and never had anencephaly.