Zika Reaches US: Five Infected In Miami


Florida Governor Rick Scott recently acknowledged that cases of Zika have been found in Miami Beach, Florida. Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Grace Baldridge, and …



  1. I wish Zika just sterilized people, rather than caused a nasty miscarriage. How hard is it not to be pregnant for the duration of the virus? How long is it even present in the body?

  2. The harmless Zika virus that scientists failed to find a connection with microcephaly in a nation that is drenching in toxic Agri chemicals that actually DO cause microcephaly. The Zika virus has been known and studied so much that you can buy it for biological studies for around $600 shipped to your home. The patent is owned by Rockefeller. They are now spraying our cities with the same poison that causes birth defects! The connection between Zika was only seen in less than 15% of patients. Zika is a psyop to curtail pregnancy or birth control, distraction, and more fear mongering. Infection is so benign most people never knew they had it. Funny how all the sudden a virus that in all honesty never showed disease is now responsible for a plethora of never before seen symptoms and you can still order it! They now wanna make the cash cow vaccine and with mandatory vaccines coming and max profit for those immune from lawsuit – DC has gone rogue.

  3. >olymics held in country with virus that makes babies retarded (disease will spread inevitably)

    >majority white countries experiencing mass immigration from non white countries

    >europeans around the world having less children, other races having way more children

    >europeans engaging in more interracial couples

    if this were happening to any other race it would be called genocide, but since it is the white race, it's a conspiracy theory

    there is no race more hated than the european race