WARNING: “Zika Virus Expected To Outbreak In United States” Agenda 21″?


Has GMO Mosquitoes caused the “Outbreak” of the Zika Virus and the birth defect of Microcephaly http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also Help Us Spread the …



  1. Well it dont get must worse then this. We have the world speaking negative faith "likely to have outbreak" and Believers in Christ JESUS the SON of GOD.. agreeing as ONE with the world! Then a verse is said to BACKUP what is spoken. Now what to you expect to happen? Me? no no no I dont receive this in Jesus name. Oh there have been other "outbreaks" that didnt even get its foot in the door here. Well I watched a preacher from TX take authority over it in Jesus name and it never came.

    God calls those things that be NOT as though they were…FAITH. So I will back this up.. Ex 15:26, Gen 15:15, Job 5:26, Ex 12:13 (Jesus blood),Ex 23:25-26,Deut 7:15, Deut 11:9,21, Deut 23:5 Neh 13:2, Deut 28:61 Gal 3:13..and SOOO many more…These are just healing. To many of you walk by sight feeling and hearing..not by GODS WORD! So to any that have been touched by this.. I speak words of life..they or their babies be restored to perfect life.. IN Jesus name

  2. DONT take any vaccines for this. Now THIS is fear-mongering by the CDC in order to get people to run and get the vaccines. People had the microcephaly way before this zika stuff showed up.

  3. The free masons run the government and they serve mother bug which means all the foods water medications even the very air has all been tainted with biological crap to harm humanity and the creators hidden ones! Just like them good Christians gave small pox infected blankets to indigenous people aww man nothing ever changes the wicked can not repent!!! Can they Paul! 

  4. That Mark of the beast is truly nasty! Zika gives pastors and priests more holy monads to thread with their fluer DE lis key to heaven. A holy hook up and a few squirts of that fornication leaves the lips sweet but becomes bitter in the stomach! How all are force to drink of the wine of her fornication? Hay pastor Paul? 

  5. The Antichrist is a spider bioenginered race zeda zika means zeds family a virus to make nice stupid human hosts to gag with a flyer de lis and have a true slave race to service the beast! Fun times ahead for all those pastors and priests getting to intubate all those children on their papal stinger keys right down their throats or up their rectums hay pastor Paul? 

  6. I see bill gates and the pharmaceuticals CAUSING the virus! Remember bill gates addressing the council on foreign relations population deduction plan! He gave percentages for each area of deduction… aerosols, vaccinations, mutated viruses, ww3, etc….God didn't do these diseases, He has allowed them because America has become an abomination with every sin against Him! He is turning his head! Thank you, Father for holding us that are yours in the palms of your hands! Blessings everyone!

  7. I read the GMO zika virus has been found in urine and saliva< and can be transmitted from sex with someone who had the virus. Personally, the mad science of modified mosquitoes with a kill switch, tells me this man made virus bug, released intentionally, and its a "follow the money" and see who stand to profit from the virus, the vaccine, the insecticides! IMO