Top 10 Michael Jackson Moments


He held his entire life in the public eye, and remains one of the most talked about celebrities ever to have lived. Join as we count …



  1. Michael had no much Plustig surgery, his hole face was burned. Michael is Dave Dave, and is alive. Michael was always wearing his Mask, and the mask looks like he had surgery, this is why michael sayd he had only 2 operations. Goole it. Dave Dave.

  2. Fun fact: While Michael was recovering in the hospital after his burns. He got a lot of “get well” cards and fan mail. But his favorite one, came from a woman that said; “Ok Michael, I knew you were hot before, but this is ridiculous.”

  3. I love Michael and I hate you so called “mojo” for saying he bleached his skin when he had a skin condition and lying when saying he had tons of plastic surgery’s when he had 2 I hate this channel