There Is A Cure For The Zika Virus and Vaccines Are Not The Answer


My Latest Must Watch: “The Symbolism Behind the Munich Massacre, Number 23, David Bowie, Prince and The Rio Olympics” …



  1. really enjoy your research into things…….very informative, how they take advantage in those countries of women who are probably confiding in the white suite doctors that harm them…sad.

  2. Another blockbuster!  My mom took Thalidomide while pregnant with me in 53-54.  Thank God I was not maimed like those poor souls shown.Jon Rappoport had another article yesterday about "The Good Ship Murder" in international waters to provide abortions for women who fear their babies are deformed.  They are being docked outside of countries who forbid abortion.

  3. People don't understand that this country along with the rest of the world has been set up this way since the beginning of time. The bigger caveman with a bigger rock always won.
    Chatzefratz is a good channel to look at to understand the depth of this world.
    I come from it, William of orange lineage

  4. HA!!!! MARK! I FOUND THE MOVIE! IT IS STILL ON NETFLIX CALLED RUMORS OF WAR! it is about the RFID chip and the mandatory implants of getting it. sorry I thought it was the vaccine but you have  to to see it.  I found it here on YT. not the greatest upload but you will get the idea. LOTS of symbols and references here in this! here ya go! enjoy!

  5. this reminds me SO much of a movie I watch almost a year ago on Netflix. it was a B movie and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. I just tried to find it and cannot. I googled it and cannot find it. I didn't think it was going to be good but it was. it was about the end of the world and they kept referencing the NWO and were making people get vaccinated and if they didn't they were killing them also were killing Christians as well as burning Bibles! I am bound and determined to find it give me time. I am going to do my best. it was downright scary! ttys!

  6. wow, mark! crazy stuff. these people are just lunatics and plain evil! makes me sick! my children (now adults) and I will NEVER again get vaccinated! infact, I was going to go back to work in the heath care field as of this week but since the company I was going to work for will NOT accept my immunization record I have dating all the way back to infancy and the latter (before I had a choice) AND I was told by the NYS heath department they were VALID and would pass for work, but the company insisted I get immunized anyhow, I declined the job! NOT WORTH a paycheck! wow….sharing as usual and THANK YOU for ALL your great work! much love!

  7. Well done Global Agenda. I hope the women of Brazil see your video especially the ones who are pregnant and haven't taken the vaccine yet. If you noticed in your video, somewhere around 8 min, the pharmaceutical company mentioned the vaccine was for children 10 yrs old or older. Wish I could slap the face of everyone who administered this to all these pregnant women. Shame on them. Since when do pregnant women get a shot for multiple diseases all rolled into one? And I'm shocked to hear thalidomide is still being manufactured. I believe it is a mercury compound. Hopefully no one is still getting amalgam fillings after all we have learned about it.