The Truth Behind the Zika Virus


Dr. Bergman shows the facts and research behind the Zika virus and explains why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear on the media.



  1. Brasil is in the BRICS countries, which defy the US dollar, it's an economical fight which is played out with Zika in Brasil, Russia to blame on bombing ppl(Mh17 etc), China launching satelites but they say it's a rocket and last weekend I heard the US want refors in South-Africa. Haven't heard what problem India causes, but those are the BRICS countries………………

  2. I remember the swine flu swindle. Living in Toronto and working as a surveyor for a new tract that was sold by a drug company because their swine flu vaccine killed more people than it healed. There was a pile of sheep poop ten feet high by fifty feet long and thirty feet wide and they were digging up ten thousand monkeys they had buried after killing them so the new landowners would not have to.

  3. Hi Dr. Bergman, wanted to ask you what are your thoughts on chiropractors that use NeuralTherm and SEMG scanners, instead of using the x-ray procedure? I've watched your video on the 7 questions to ask a chiropractor so i'm trying to go based of that and this is what iv'e recently came across in my area and wanted to know what you think about it. Thank you.

  4. Because of you and all of your superbly informative videos (with references!), I have had many (sometimes heated) discussions with people about vaccines, pesticides, etc. Thank you so much for educating all of us on what the government and pharmaceutical companies obviously don't want us to know. I thoroughly enjoy your videos and the presentations and the fact that you present the information in way in which everyone can understand the info. Keep up the great work! :-)

  5. wow, wow, wow! Amazing speech!
    I'm living in Brazil for almost 30 years and I can confirm every word you say!
    The government try so hard to make panic, it's amazing. Good thing is, that there are a lot of voices questioning (like myself, I made a video about and got more than 500 access and I'm not well known…) the whole thing. One thing that's interesting, ex-presidente Lula is under several investigation and Dilma that succeed him has very low popularity. So I think, it's very good for both of them to have a "panic-destraction" talked over and over again in the press…
    I will use part of your speech to make a second video, because I did the first a month ago, a lot of new things came out since then.
    I admire your work how you explain things that seems to be complicated in a very easy way. You have a gift. I wish you a very long life, to go on with your wonderful work!!! Big hug my friend!

  6. West Nile will kill us all, SARS will kill us all, Bird Flu will kill us all, Swine Flu will kill us all, Ebola will kill us all, Zika will kill us all……same fear campaign, different year. All the drug companies have opened vaccine devisions because they can't get sued if you get an autoimmune disease from their injections. All their money makers are going off patent and they have no new ideas for drugs that do anything but harm. The fact that viruses have never been isolated independent of their host in their whole virus shell with their complete DNA code is beside the fact, yet the only proof viruses exist. The media is hyping up norovirus. Expect a vaccine there too.

  7. I love the show swamp people too, they are down to earth and hard working! Thanks again for the fantastic Truth Video! if only we could get you on the 6 o'clock news and maybe the sheep-ple would listen!!!!!

  8. great video good to see you back hope you enjoyed vacation😎
    another birth defect spina bifida and hydrocephalus caused by lack vitamins and minerals and vaccines and dirty water the scumbag bill gates are scaring people to get his vaccine to sterilize woman and children to reduce population they also are spraying people with chemicals and going into peoples houses and spraying

  9. The dirty bastards in the Government once again feeding money to the corrupt and greedy pharmaceutical industry but also protecting Monsanto from poisoning human beings and destroying the worlds food crops and pollinators. One day not that far off, it's going to be really really crowded in hell.

  10. If you lower the circumfrence that is considered microcephaly, you REDUCE THE NUMBER OF POSITIVE CASES. And the audience agrees like they are not thinking for themselves. I still agree with the point of the video, but you often twist facts around, so they appear to be supporting your case and alot of what you say is based on faith. You sound like those with a high school education, who try to prove that the Earth is flat, while they actually never left their basement.