The Devastating Zika Virus Explained


Zika virus is affecting hundreds of thousands of people across South America but what is this devastating virus? Why Are Mosquitoes So Good at Carrying …



  1. Well, when Mexico had the H1N1 virus outbreak, all those south American
    assholes who supposedly are our Latin American brothers, were celebrating and talking crap about Mexico. Only countries from Europe and Japan supported us. So I don't give two damns. That's karma. All those south Americans can go to hell. I just feel bad for Brazil… It's the only south American country I like.

  2. Not all cases of microcephaly will result in mental retardation or health problems. I have read of cases where young children have had a left or right hemisphere of the brain removed (for medical reasons) and the child has grown up not behaving much differently from a normal child.

  3. Come out of nowhere??This is another of the things that people have created.Come out of nowhere and attacking densly populated areas with low HPI index(Specially damages pregnant women).It was created to reduce population on earth,as well as many other diseases….

  4. It's back because it's been genetically engineered to be back. This will put all the GM companies out of business due to civil suits. It's over for mad scientist hybridization and over for bill gates. This is clearly due to the release of GM mosquitos in Brazil. It's abundantly clear GM mosquitos (funded by bill gates) caused this.

  5. As a Brazilian it's really sad to see these comments. If you think this is population control you might as well kill yourself along with the people love and care about. Oh wait, it's only population control if doesn't effect you.