Friday, August 17, 2018
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Zika virus outbreak (mosquito-borne disease ) : Facts to be known...

WHO declares Zika a global emergency Zika virus is suspected to cause microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads...

Zika Virus Babies

zika virus babies term came into this word due to microcephaly due to zika virus infections with pregnent womens. This video shows zika virus...

New report shines light on health problems associated with Zika virus

Ever since mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus spurred an outbreak in 2016, experts have scrambled to protect the most vulnerable -- mostly mothers and...

How organoids helped unravel the mystery of the Zika virus

Organoids are tiny collections of cells that grow into mini organs in the lab, closely mimicking the development and reactions of actual human organs....

Zika virus cases in Alabama

Dr. Phil. source

Dr. David Agus the Zika virus and the flat earth

Dr. David agus mentions the flat earth twice on CBS. source

ZIKA VIRUS 3D Animation


Houston mom warns of Zika virus effects

A Houston mom contracted the virus while she was pregnant and she wants you to see what it has done to her son. source

Florida declares new area of Zika transmission

Florida declares new area of Zika transmission. source

Diseases Transmitted By Mosquitos

I'm Doctor Frita. I'm here in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Today I'm going to discuss diseases transmitted by mosquitoes the including the...