Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Zika virus cases in Alabama

Dr. Phil. source

Dr. David Agus the Zika virus and the flat earth

Dr. David agus mentions the flat earth twice on CBS. source

Houston mom warns of Zika virus effects

A Houston mom contracted the virus while she was pregnant and she wants you to see what it has done to her son. source

Florida declares new area of Zika transmission

Florida declares new area of Zika transmission. source

Families still suffer from Zika virus in north Brazil

After a devastating outbreak in 2015, the Zika virus is no longer considered a public emergency in Brazil. But for thousands of Brazilian families,...

10 cases of Zika virus in Florida

News 8 at 5pm. source

Ground zero for Zika virus in the U.S.

The CDC issues an unprecedented travel advisory for an area north of Miami called Wynwood because of Zika outbreaks. source

Zika virus: Full coverage from TomoNews – Compilation

Six ways to protect yourself against Zika. First local mosquitoes infected with Zika virus found in Miami Beach. Bacteria-infected mosquitoes released in Brazil, ... source

Miami Man Notified of Zika Infection

A Miami woman says her father was recently diagnosed with the Zika virus. Florida's governor says 200 people are affected in the Miami area....