Saturday, February 24, 2018
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ZIKA VIRUS : Origin, Spread, Symptoms and Prevention of Zika virus

ZIKA VIRUS : Origin, Spread, Symptoms and Prevention the video also describes process of nuclear male mosquito infertility Don't Forget to Subscribe to ... source

Zika virus spreads to Singapore and South East Asia

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout speaks to Dr. Peter Piot, who co discovered Ebola, on the spread of Zika in Asia. source

Zika concerns spread among pregnant women

CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with a pregnant Florida woman about Zika virus concerns. source

Mom infected with Zika during pregnancy speaks out

A Florida mother who was infected with Zika during her pregnancy says she's fearful of her child's health and future. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports. source

Ground zero for Zika virus in the U.S.

The CDC issues an unprecedented travel advisory for an area north of Miami called Wynwood because of Zika outbreaks. source

Symbolism Behind Prince’s Death: From Denver Airport to the Zika Virus,...

In my last Prince video I made a comment about how Prince had been at a crossroads with his record label and two years...

Dangers of Zika virus

After a baby born in Hawaii became the first U.S. birth with Zika virus, the CDC issued a travel advisory for 14 countries. Elizabeth...

WHO: Zika virus spreading to almost all the Americas

The World Health Organization anticipates the Zika virus will spread to South, Central and North America. CNN's Rafael Romo reports. source