Simple ways to protect yourself against the Zika virus


Avoid areas with standing water – the main way to fight Zika is to end the mosquito that transmits the virus. To do this, you must eliminate all possible breeding …



  1. Eating teabag worth of dried peppermint leaves daily prevents bug bites

    As I accidentally discovered while seeking fix for other health problems,

    I had bought box of peppermint tea and each day I would rip teabag open pouring the contents into a spoon which I then washed down with water like a pill

    After a week of this the bug bites stopped completely
    But when the peppermint ran out mosquitoes came after me again

    Having learned my lesson I now faithfully buy boxes of peppermint tea and eat spoonful of peppermint leaves daily

    I do not need bugspray, bug repellant, nets, screens, etc

    Before I had constantly been bitten by bugs, mosquitoes, chiggers, bedbugs, etc,

    But am grateful to inform that I have gone 4 years without a single bug bite, and there has been no infestation of mosquitoes, bedbugs, chiggers, fleas, ticks, where I live or work for 4 years now.