Sexually transmitted Zika virus reported in Texas


Texas health officials reported the first case of sexual transmission of the Zika virus in the USA on Tuesday. The patient contracted the virus from a sexual partner …



  1. hello am Venezuelan scientist must know something important the vagina or penis pose smell because of zika,, is different to normal smell and the plates should anailizar sangue l under low oxygen level each year will be worse because of the pollution of the planet and the current technology that lowers bad l oxygen level in the atmosphere,, this is pre human extermination

  2. ''I mean it honey, the world is being FedEx'd to hell in a hand cart; i really believe that anyone even thinking of
    bringing a child into this world, is coldly considering an act of cruelty" -Dr Stanley Goodspeed (movie: The Rock; 1996)

  3. Is it known if the virus impacts pregnancies during the acute phase alone or if it permanently makes potential mothers high risk after antibodies have been produced… why is this info not reported off the bat?