Meghan Markle Is Brought To Happy Tears When Children Sing Anti-Zika Serenade | TIME


On the eleventh day of her royal tour with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was treated to song. And not just any song: while on a visit to Tonga’s Tupou College in …



  1. If you think that they are laughing at them, they aren’t. It’s a funny song and tbh I’m just happy ( and I know the people are) that they even chose to come to Tonga

    Read the description to this video or comments to get some different perspectives on this. This video didn’t do a good job of explaining the song

  2. Y HATER they were supposed to the song was performed for them to laught its a funny n humorous song that's the reaction they were expecting from the hrh but y trolls are so ready so to have something negative to say u all just smallminded people .

  3. Damn now, people got a problem with the woman laughing at a song. Yall try to find something negative to say about her all of the time. The joke is on you, because youre behind a device hating on her and watching her every move while she is living her best life with her loving husband. Im happy she's rubbing her happiness in you haters' faces.