Laredo Health Department preparing to combat the Zika Virus –


LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) – With winter still in full swing, worries about the Zika Virus spreading has not been on many people’s minds but the Laredo Health Department says it’s something to keep an eye on.

The insect that spreads the Zika Virus is not much a concern during the winter months, but health officials are already preparing for the hot summer months.

So far, seven cases of travel related Zika have been confirmed in Laredo.
Luckily, none of those cases have been as a result of local exposure.

Since the mosquito that spreads Zika is in great abundance, the health department already has plans.

Waldo Lopez with the health department says, “We actually have a squad of professionals, registered sanitarians, and inspectors and pesticide applicators that cover the entire city in a matter of seven days. We prioritize the area so what we do is set up mosquito traps. We count the mosquitoes and address those areas that have high count.”

Health officials want to remind the public that Zika can also be spread via blood transfusion and sexual intercourse.

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