If pregnant, beware of travel to countries with Zika virus


Transmitted by mosquitos, the Zika virus can cause babies to be born with unusually small heads and brain damage. Beginning in Brazil, it has spread to several …



  1. It's clear that there's a pattern of idiocy & ignorance from the so called experts as they are all pointing at the fact that somehow it's women's fault & that they should avoid becoming pregnant or avoid traveling to Brazil. It's like let's have sex but don't get pregnant because I don't wanna pay child support :) I 'm no experts but I know that mosquitoes bite intravenously therefore Zike could be a venereal disease – it is blood bound so it could be men bit by the infected mosquitoes virus that are infecting women here. I might be wrong but so far the experts can't prove me wrong because they have not establish all the facts about this virus yet. First of all, is it really Zike that causes microcephalus or the embarrassing ghettos, pollution & open sewers? If we count on the experts, we're definitely gonna get it.