“How To Avoid ZIKA Virus In Atlanta Airport”


Are You Serious? Apocalyptic ZIKA Fear in Atlanta.



  1. My Bff's father-in- law died almost 3 more years ago. She & her husband, had to spend more time in the next days everday to spend with her father-her-in-law in the hospital.
    Aftern many test.
    After her Dad's husband. The physicians were very baffled because they had not seen this in the body & blood stream of. The story ends with Pam's father-in -law-day being the first patient to die accordingn to the CDC that lived in the USA.

  2. Pastor, you must have Dr. Ted Broer on to discuss the TRUTH concerning the so called ZIKA virus scare. The Hagmann's have him on every so often, as does Dave Hodges. Dr. Ted Broer's info is a shocking eye opener!

  3. And if a virus can be spread through mosquitos…. which viruses can be spread through mosquitoes? Hmm maybe all viruses but I digress.. because the medical community says "NO" …. what?!? Are you serious?!??!?!?

  4. Oh my long pants and sleeves in hot lanta ha ! Fiddle ,de,de not for me ! May the Lord Jesus bless and guide you Pastor Paul ! Lord please bless the folks reading this sign to have no fear ! Jesus is the answer and knows your needs before we do !