Hillary Clinton: Chelsea was ‘the first one’ to say Zika virus was a ‘serious problem’




  1. I heard it was also Chelsea who is personally working on the treatment, cure, and post-operative care for sufferers. She is also personally going to lead the charity for them and has plans she is going to submit to Congress for a special pension for the entire worlds' Zika sufferers, paid by the US taxpayer.

    Isn't she a saint. She sound be the second Empress of the United Empire of America after Hillary.

  2. Cool story. I was the first one who said leaving the border wide open to bring in un-vetted illegal aliens would bring in all manner of diseases we had either eradicated or have never had before.

    Too bad Chel missed that one, she could have stopped this.

  3. Hillary lied again.
    Clinton, who claims to never tell a lie, said her daughter has a PhD in Public health. She does not. Chelsea has master's degrees from Oxford University and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and a PhD in International Relations from the University of Oxford.
    Besides that, Zika virus was discovered 67 years ago in the Zika Forest, Uganda. It's been known as a killer and causer of birth defects long before Chelsea existed.

  4. Obama learns of things when he sees it on the news or reads it in the newspaper.  Hillary learns about things when Chelsea brings it to her attention.   You just cannot make this up………..oh wait, yes they can!