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Five more cases of Zika virus detected

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2018 11:18:57


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Out of five patients, three hail from Bhopal and remaining two are from Sehore

AMIDST fear of disease spread by Zika virus, Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (VRDL) of AIIMS Bhopal confirmed 5 patients suffering from Zika Virus infection. Out of five patients, three hail from Bhopal and remaining two are from Sehore.
Meanwhile, Health Department and Bhopal Municipal Corporation are trying to combat Zika virus infection spread due to mosquito but they are falling short of pest control chemicals. Dr Himanshu Jaiswar, Director of State Vector Borne Control Programme, while speaking to ‘The Hitavada’ said VRDL in AIIMS detected 5 more patients suffering from Zika virus infection. Three patients are from Bhopal and two patients are from Sehore. He said that one patient from Sehore is family member of previously detected patient and another one also stays in the same area.
He added that patients of Zika Virus infection detected in Bhopal are admitted to AIIMS Bhopal, while other 2 patients from Sehore are admitted to Sehore District Hospital. These patients are getting support treatment in the respective hospitals as no treatment or vaccination for Zika virus infection has been found so far.
Answering about precautionary measures, Health Department is following to stand against these hazardous vector-borne diseases, Dr Jaiswar said that State Vector Borne Control Programme officers and other health officials have already started pest control programme, continuous fogging and larvae inspection programmes are being done. He also said there is shortage of pest chemicals but they are continuing pest control programme with the available stock. Bhopal Municipal Corporation is also facing shortage of pest chemicals.
Notably, health team sent by Union Health Ministry announced that chemicals will be provided to health teams for fogging purpose. But health officials are falling short of pest chemicals even when Bhopal is facing rise in vector-borne diseases.



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