Dr. David Agus the Zika virus and the flat earth


Dr. David agus mentions the flat earth twice on CBS.



  1. I don't blame the public one bit for not trusting our public health authorities. They have been feeding us partial and half-truths. And it is ridiculous to blame climate change for Zika's spread. Here are 9 reasons why the public is right to be skeptical:

    1) The WHO and CDC ignored early warnings and evidence that Culex mosquitoes are also a vector of the Zika virus.

    2) The WHO, CDC, and Health Canada never enacted level 3 travel warnings even though they were (and are) clearly warranted.

    3) The WHO and CDC failed to postpone or move the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (where about 500,000 foreign tourists attended) ignoring the advice of 240 scientists and public health experts.

    4) The CDC downplayed the sexual spread of Zika and did not even recognize it as an STD until August 2016.

    "Officials have not said which states they are working with or where these women live because the risk applies to all women in the United States, according to Dr. Jennifer McQuiston, deputy incident manager for Zika virus at the CDC."

    "We have been a little surprised by the number of suspected cases we've received, " she told CNN in February 2016.

    5) From April until August 2016, the CDC promoted their highly flawed Zika test (Trioplex assay), which failed to detect 40 percent of Zika infections and all four strains of dengue.

    6) Over 1/2 million blood donations have tested positive for the Zika virus. Yet, the WHO and CDC ignored early evidence in Eurosurveillance that Zika virus RNA was detected in whole blood up to two months (December 2015 to April 2016).

    7) The CDC has not recommended prophylactic spraying of aircraft cabins and shipping containers (even though this is done in malaria-endemic regions).

    8) The CDC has not mandated Zika testing for the hundreds of Puerto Rican prisoners that frequent the mainland U.S. every month.

    9) Is anyone looking for the Zika virus in birds?

    Well, I've written countless letters to get that moving along. And as I've detailed in my post Birds as Reservoir Hosts of Zika: What You Are Not Being Told, it certainly looks like a strong possibility.

    The latest genome sequencing data supports Culex as vectors and Wolbachia driving this (and future) pandemics: http://www.infobarrel.com/Tracing_Zikas_Path_to_Florida_Culex_and_Wolbachia