Cities Combating Zika Virus Different Ways – KRGV


REYNOSA — Reynosa officials are starting to spray insecticide around homes of pregnant women. This is the city’s latest effort in the fight against the Zika virus.

Health officials expect more rain in the coming months. Pooling water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. That includes the one species of mosquito that is capable of carrying the Zika virus.

In the Rio Grande Valley, health officials are approaching the virus differently.

“For us in the United States, we can only spray on the side of the street,” said Josh Ramirez, McAllen Health Department director. “Our truck sprays and we use the fog, mist and the wind conditions to help us to carry the fog toward the area that needs to be sprayed.”

The McAllen Health Department sets traps to monitor the number of mosquitoes. At the start of the year, they were checking those traps once a week.

“Now it’s beginning to be every other day,” Ramirez said. “(We) monitor the spots and see where they’re at.”

Spraying is done in areas that are known to be problematic. The McAllen Health Department also relies on calls from residents.

Reynosa Health Department officials are encouraging pregnant women in the city to get in touch and report their address for spraying. That process will continue in Reynosa for the next few months.

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