Brazil Zika outbreak: What is happening to Brazil’s babies? BBC News


Brazil says thousands of babies have been born with abnormally small heads — since October. The health system is struggling to cope with the outbreak linked …



  1. but those mosquitos been relesed in brsil purposely by wait for it…drum roll "the government or elites illuminate" you name it all this is scripted and ment to happen and ya'll just let it happen time to take back our world. These are bio-engineered mosquitos affecting the mothers, there man made illness to depopulate the world and there starting with the southern

  2. BBC news are such shit-stirrers! The Zika Virus is not no new thing its never done anything to anyone other than a mild cold and has 0% mortality rate. What the stupid mainstream new channels are not reporting about (or their reporters probably dont even know about), so ask yourself why has this virus suddenly caused babie's brains to swell up??

    The new T dap "vaccine" launched in May 2015 in brazil has been designed to destroy babies before they are born, as a means of population control, and the Billinder Gates companies needed a scapegoat to pin the blame on, this is where the "Zika virus" comes in. When a woman is bitten by a mosquito in Brazil, they give her the vaccine (which women are advised by doctors to have upto 22 weeks before pregnancy) and it is that, which causes the swelling and abnormalities in the baby.

    The claims is that the mosquito naturally carried this disease across almost all of south and central america in only SIX MONTHS. This defies all logic, because mosquito have a life-cycle that is too long for immediate propagation, and wont fly more than a mile from where they hatch. Which would limit the movement of a totally new disease to a mile or so a month, NOT 30 miles a day.

    They have basically sprayed mosquitoes with somekind of GMO, now before you all go calling me a crazed conspiracy theorist (which I am not), look up the Rockerfeller foundation and their funding of the T dap vaccine.

    Some of these mainstream new releases related to this disease were originally dated weeks into the future, which means someone is doing it and the media release was pre-planned to make the spread of the disease appear to span more than a year, when it has not.

    Dont believe everything you read or hear about in your mainstream news, plz do your own research, check wikileaks and the internet into this Issues.

  3. This is some scary shit. Everyone hold off on getting pregnant for 3 years, or until we've got vaccine.
    Kick this piece of shit virus's microscopic ass docs. You can do it.

  4. Now you stupid people( WHO) started saying zika virus comes from Africa what proof yet no one has been affected in Africa yes we have malaria but zika is ziko meaning Brazil. stop associating every bad shit with black africa I dont mean north Africa they regard themselves as Arabs.Now we see the quick response of WHO because of a tiny virus that will prevent people from having kids.but you neglected sierra leone Liberia and guinea causing many Ebola death what is united about United nations.

  5. To all who are not aware please know that the US government genetically engineers insect-borne viruses in the state of Connecticut and then gets the news media to blame 3rd world nations.

  6. Remember thalidomide, humans pissing around with nature, we will never learn, everything we live with concerning nature has took billions of years to make, man comes along genetically alters something and hey presto.

  7. Another virus made in a lab fucking sick bastards!! All governments are part of a world government that are killing and poisoning innocent people right in front of our eyes then feed us a bullshit news story that blind mindless people accept as truth! Wake up

  8. This is not because of Zika virus, Africa also have Zika virus and this is not happening there. Here in Brazil people are talking about that this very anomalous outbreak is actually related to a genetic modified mosquito made by Oxitec that the government was using to combat the real mosquito. Bahia was the first state to use this genetic modified mosquito.