Boone County Health Department recommending precautions against Zika Virus – WIFR


BOONE COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR) – The Centers for Disease Control says the Zika Virus is expected to spread as far north as St. Louis this year and with its travel north, the Boone County Health Department is making sure we are ready if the virus moves into the Stateline.

By this time last year nearly 6,000 people in the U.S. had been diagnosed with the Zika Virus. The CDC says only 175 have been diagnosed and the health officials want to keep that number low by reaching out to communities nationwide. Along with the CDC, the Boone County Health Department is giving us ways to stay protected as we travel.

“The most important thing to do with Zika and the best thing to do with Zika is simply prevent it. Wear your long sleeves. I know it’s hot, but wear your long sleeves, keep US EPA bug repellent around, so you can keep these things from biting you,” says Lyden Schuyler, a public health associate with the CDC.

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