Thursday, March 21, 2019
Bexar County trying to stay ahead of Zika virus –

Bexar County trying to stay ahead of Zika virus –


Bexar County preparing for Zika virus

The threat of the Zika virus has Bexar County on high alert. That’s why the county is being proactive and spraying for mosquitoes a month ahead of schedule.

One of the county’s three vector trucks could be seen and heard driving up and down the streets of a far west-side neighborhood on Wednesday. It’s not the most pleasant sound to hear outside your home, but knowing mosquitoes are less likely to bite people in this neighborhood does give peace of mind to residents like Coley Bellamy.

“We have a creek behind the house and sometimes mosquitoes can get pretty bad,” Bellamy said. “It’s definitely concerning and a conversation we’ve had when West Nile was going on and now it’s something new.”

That “something new” is the Zika virus. And because it has the potential to spread through both mosquitoes and sexual transmission, the county is spraying an entire month ahead of schedule.

“Normally with West Nile, or Chikungunya, it’s mosquito-to-human and the transmission stops. With the Zika virus it can be transmitted from a male to his sexual partners,” said Laura Jesse, Bexar County public information officer.

Overall, the county will target 1,300 miles of streets as well as 4,200 acres of drains, ditches, parks and trails. The county will soon also be spending tens of thousands of dollars on public awareness because spraying can only do so much. 

“We want to try and do everything we can to abate the virus,” Jesse said.

“There’s tremendous peace of mind. It definitely lets us know the county is looking out and they’re doing great things with our tax dollars and looking out for our well-being and health,” Bellamy said.

The county has approved $85,000 for public awareness. Mailers will be sent out to residents in unincorporated Bexar County areas and fliers will be posted at community centers, pools, and other spaces.

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