Babymoon Suggestions That Avoid ZIKA 2018 Caribbean + East Coast | SarahFit Pregnancy


Wanna get away while avoiding Zika? Here are your best vacation, babymoon, spots in the Caribbean and East Coast. ♥ Find out if I’m having a boy or girll …



  1. My Florida favorites: Key West, Sanibel Island & Captiva Island. I visited all places in early March, and Key West was hot and sunny (tropical-like); the other two, warm and sunny with cooler mornings/evenings.

  2. Wanted to go to Cancun right before I got pregnant with my second (currently pregnant) and the whole zika thing ruined that idea… ended up just taking a trip to Napa.:(

  3. We had to cancel our trip to Costa Rica end of March cos two weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant! We were so excited for this trip but we don't want to risk the baby's health.. So we are looking into going to Hawaii instead. Apparently safe option for pregnant women.

  4. Well…it's not the Carribbean, but it sure feels like it here in March…come visit New Orleans! March will get to the 80s usually, or if we're lucky, it won't lol The Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, and Insectarium would be tons of fun for Tommy. I'm not aware of any Zika issues here (uhh probably should look into that since I live here…). We have lots of parks (City Park and Audubon) for great run spots, or walking around with playgrounds for kids. We do have a lot of Carribbean influence, so you could probably sit by the pool and close your eyes and pretend haha

    Good luck! And thanks for the reminder about not going anywhere 3-6 months before you plan to conceive, since my hubby and I like to cruise and go to FL a lot.
    My husband and I had a Zika scare last summer (from his work trip to Vermont, who had just had a Zika related death, oddly enough) and then we went to Miami and Cuba and I was certain we were screwed lol no problems though, thankfully!