AL Gore (Climate Change, Solar Panel, Zika Virus, Sea Level Rise & Coastlines)


Anderson Cooper hosts CNN Town Hall with Al Gore which sheds light on The Climate Crisis, climate change scientifically real? Climate change crisis, Solar …



  1. PRESIDENT GORE,…..would've sounded so much better than president trump.
    Damn, it seems like 6 years not 6 months of pure incompetence in the White House,….and we all know it's gonna get much much worse.

  2. stop weather manipulating causing tornados and a whole shit load of other shit , u use you China made solar panels , that industry is not a long term strategy and AL gore doesn't even care he Flys around in his jets uses oil powers his mansions and waters his massive green lawns . and he should practice what he preaches and stop pushing his nasa lies to people fear baiting the public for his own pockets to enrich him and cronies buddies .
    he needs to be investigated for corruption , global warming hoax , 9 eleven inside job , and other political violations

  3. Tell China to stop using co2 and shop polluting ass hole fuckers already sent all our jobs over seas and maybe stop building on the fucking coasts that's not our problem the the elitest problem they regulated who can have businesses and where they can be located duh!