A secret weapon against Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases | Nina Fedoroff


Where did Zika come from, and what can we do about it? Molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff takes us around the world to understand Zika’s origins and how it …



  1. This is the downside of big-intrusive government. You get diseases you don't need because the politically hip bureaucrats all freeze in their boots at the acronym "GMO" and won't touch it.

  2. The sad truth is that, in American society, fear and ignorance are the driving forces behind public policy decisions far too often; intelligence, education, and scientific research are held suspect while pseudo-science, superstition, and rumor are held in high esteem.

    We are becoming a nation of ignoramuses and idiots.

  3. Great talk, Nina. My country is embroiled in a poorly-informed anti-GM war. Hopefully, people will see past the stigma and see GM for the potent tool for progress and disease prevention it is.

  4. Zika Vírus não tem nada haver com Microcefalia e sim com uma vacina aplicada nas mulheres Brasileiras em especial da região nordestina do país.
    vacina de lote vencido causando uma má formação no feto. Essa minha informação já não é segredo por aqui.
    Agora se informem melhor esse vídeo é feito erroneamente.

  5. I dont want to discredit this video, but I do strongly feel the pesticide being used in areas where microcephaly rates were high should also be further investigated… there were other areas where zika was prevalant but microcephaly was lower. Brazil had been adding pesticides into water supplies at the time so I cant help but wonder if there is a connection…