5/02 Netanyahu and Corsi? The Zika virus too!


Zika virus! https://www.globalresearch.ca/who-owns-the-zika-virus/5505323 Mueller’s Questions leaked? https://youtu.be/liwyAJo5SdI Blackstone intelligence!



  1. Wow i don't follow Q anymore nor Corsi. Like Dr Frog. Like you Farmer J. R u a Libra? Lol! Just asking. Like your open mind & new age thinking! Think Q may be psy op. Corsi keeps making $ and supporting Bibi suspicious indeed. How can anyone who is for truth & peace support lying evil Bibi?

  2. very astute observation of the relationship between Israel and the Saudis. coincidentally, both nations created under the Balfour Declaration, essentially making them both proxy states of Great Britain.
    and as the story goes, Wahhabism is not Islamic, but Kabbalistic in it's origins. allegedly, Wahhabist imams preach out of the Zohar, not the Koran.

    thanks as always for your well researched videos and commentaries.

  3. 23:05 minutes, FJ, like you I have no confidence Netanyahu's presentation is 100% truth. Ditto Vanessa Beeley, interviewed by United Kingdom conservative alt media, UK Column News. See this 8 minute segment. BTW, Sedona Forum is a John McCain institute/organization. At 20 minutes Beeley says, "Israel seems determined to provoke a reaction apart from their normal hit-and-run, they seem to be, with this announcement by Netanyahu they seem to be ramping up the pressure against Iran."

    "08:32 – Netanyahu: ‘Iran lied’ on nuclear issue but no evidence…
    The untold story of John Bolton’s campaign for war with Iran
    16:25 – The Sedona Forum hosts head of the white helmets
    Syria still a very tense situation…."
    UK Column News – 1st May 2018

    I'm tired of gentiles being suckered into fighting the Zionists' wars for them. If you wanna mortgage your home, go off to Israel and fight for that piece of real estate (against Muslims all over the planet Earth), have at it – but leave me & other people's property, assets, body n' blood, and that of their children ALONE! Take ALL of the American soldier OUT of the Middle East and put them on the American/Mexican border to defend the USA!
    [BTW, for Christians, Jesus Christ is the true temple, the New Jerusalem, NOT that piece of real estate. Don't be persuaded by Old Testament Bible quotes taken in isolation from the entire New Testament, thus taken out of context.]

  4. Well now AI Ae test ID confirmed- Farmer Jones. Zika virus by the Rockefeller Family.
    This shit is getting neck deep. Still not convince DJT is capable of 2Dchess.
    My only hope is there are some Top Generals are doing the heavy lifting.

  5. More and more people are waking up to the lies and manipulation of the Kosher Nostra. Indeed, why isn't Israel investigated for nuclear weapons?!? BTW in an interview with Preston James, one of the writers for Veterans Today, on the Jeff Rense Show, James said that the Samson Option has been neutralized.

  6. So the U1 plot was by DS to sell to Russia while diverting some to Iran. Then if /when it was discovered by US, blame RUSSIA to justify WW3 against Iran & Russia! These cretins are demented & diabolic

  7. Netanyahu is a pathological warmongering liar. I am anti-zionist, and i'm SICK AND TIRED of the U.S. Military being treated like disposable assets at the behest of Israel. Corsi is a Christian zionist. The Kushner situation complicates everything. I didn't vote for that no-nuts Kushner to be dictating middle east policy. The Saudis and Khazarian mobsters running Israel are cousins. Get IAEA inspectors into ISRAEL. They have at least 300 nukes.Trump is surrounded by ziocons. I hope he can handle the situation. Jake's posts are great, and RoyPotterqa understands the entire biblical origin of the false Israeli claims. Before any of you accuse me, I am NOT anti-semitic. The current occupants of Israel are transplanted from Eastern Europe.
    Here's a list of UN Resolutions that Israel has broken: https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2010/01/27/rogue-state-israeli-violations-of-u-n-security-council-resolutions/ and this https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/subscription-confirmed-rpsd/

  8. “Samson Option” is the ultimate suicide bomb threat. Israel has been an illegitimate, rogue state from the beginning.

    The allies’ collective guilt over Nazi war crimes against Jews ( but not Gypsies, Poles, disabled, or other affected groups) enabled the Big Lie— that European Jews had a claim on any part of Palestine— and made it a thought crime to say, “ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST.”

  9. I get your take on this. Nobody is giving us the truth about what is really happening on the ground. And behind closed doors. If we are truely in a WAR with an enemy from within that is manufacturing world events and we are currently engaged in battle with them. Probably would'nt be wise to let everyone in on the strategy to defeat them with ongoing operations. We find ourselves in the mother of all conflicts by an general election that didn;t go as planned. Gee who would a thunk it.

  10. Has anyone checked USGS for quake activity? I installed earthquake 3D a number of months ago and thought to check. EQ3D has a time option and I went back a few weeks and found NO quakes of any magnitude in all of Syria! None…Nada. In fact, there are no quakes nearby, the closest being a 4.1 in Western Iran and a 4.1 and a 4.2 in Western Turkey. The Turkey quakes were closest at over 450 miles distant. And yes, EQ3D registers ALL quakes, even those of only 2.6. So who is scamming who?

  11. If Bibi wants to fight Iran, let him go for it….. Just not with our skin in the game.
    He's probably just creating a diversion because he's under investigation for corruption. Go figure.

  12. Good to hear some of the people like yourself talk about the elephant in the living room. They don;t like the spot light, believe me. Very telling at times when their spokesman slips up and shows themselves like that interview with cnn last night when bebe was asked if they possessed nukes. His answer is chilling. And is dismissed. Who is going to press the matter? Maybe Trump will. Dangerous territory here for us goy' Or sheeple. The task masters do not like to be noticed. They fear the people finding out about them. Crap they stay hidden in plain sight using distraction as their cloaking device. Very delicate form of defense. Exposure is fatal.
    If you haven.t noticed they maneuver others into conflict. They are clever with their manipulations.

  13. To accept or reject a premise based on one cited item and then accept or reject all other citations based on that indicates a huge flaw in ones analytical process. This is the flaw exploited by the FBI in obtaining the warrant from the FISA judge to spy on everything Trump.