5 Facts About Zika They Are Not Telling You


What are they not telling us everything about the Zika virus outbreak? Conspiracy theories from GMOs and pesticides to government cover-ups and secret …



  1. "Rockefeller is believed to own a strange patent"
    Only by morons who don't know the difference between a patent and a trademark. Rockefeller has a trademark for a particular strain of Zika virus, which it sells as a part of perfectly normal scientific work, people need the virus for research it costs to produce it, they sell it. To distinguish it from other strains OF COURSE they have a trademark. That's not a PATENT which would imply they invented it.

  2. It's Monsanto this is why, Monsanto is known for it's generic engineering, but you can only sell seeds at the beginning of the season. So what they decided to do was genetically modify crops like corn and soy to be resilient to toxic chemicals that would otherwise kill all living things that come into contact with it it's known as glyphosate or Round-Up, sound familiar that stuff you spray in the cracks of your driveway nowhere near your garden to kill weeds. This product they could sell all spring to harvest. Eventually the weeds became resilient and Monsanto's solution was yet another toxic chemical to use in combination with the glyphosate. Now what this did is they created a lush proving ground for resilient insects giving them a private habitat free from competiton. The mosquitos develop quickly in the toxic waters contaminated with glyphosate which cause cancer and as most surgeons tell you that should be followed by will cause birth defects on any warning. These mutant mosquitoes evolve to be resilient toxic chemical and to do spread disease un bothered by competiton. While Monsanto makes loads of money we struggle to stamp out these mutant mosquitos with the strongest of pesticides. I'm all for genetically modifying shit, but we should make plants bare bigger fruit and be more water effiecent. If you want to go a little more crazy make them produce the types of pollen that attract good insects that eat the bad. Don't make it all about selling toxic chemicals to spray on peoples food especially when they cause cancer and birth defects. You need to work with nature, not against it. Monsanto though is a corporation when it looks at nature all it sees is the color of money.

  3. So if i get this straight. The Zika-Virus makes a fetus mutated inside a women or even kill it right? But what if this thing spreads around the world and every women is infected, would that mean that no baby's can be born again? So the end of humanity? Oh boy if that's the thing people will get crazy. If i am wrong please correct me, i heared just a little about this virus.

  4. "Some allege that the virus was actually engineered…" in 1947, six years before we even knew what DNA LOOKED LIKE. Yeah that's credible, if you're a complete moron. But yeah let's say that scientists decades ahead of their time spent money, time and resources developing a virus – that was orders of magnitude less deadly than the things it would have been based on. Please do some basic fucking research you fucktard.

  5. Ok the very first thing isn't something "They're not telling you.". The idea that the virus has mutated is openly discussed, particularly in regard to the possible microcephaly effect.

    Second thing, there is no evidence of a cover up of how common Zika is, or reason why anyone would. Zika infection is easily detectable well afterwards by it's effect on the immune system. The rates of infection have been relatively well known for a long time.

    The third thing again isn't something that "they're not telling you" since for a start it's not true (the release was years before the crisis) and secondly because there's no reason to believe it had any effect on the Zika virus except inhibit it's spread. The test locations weren't all that similar to the Zika locations, and in any case the tests were in mosquito infested areas, exactly where you'd EXPECT Zika to occur.

    "Critics claim that…" said critics don't understand evolution, mutation or genetics. Introducing genes for sterility doesn't cause other mutations to happen in response, and since the survival rate of these mosquitoes offspring was between 4% and 15% of the usual rate, almost certainly closer to the 4% they wouldn't live long enough to pass on genes anyway.

  6. Number 2&3 are true! I investigated myself and if you look on the site Oxitec it says it is funded by Rockefeller! This is no conspiracy! Please people I know it sounds ridiculous but just look in to it. Don't brush it off as conspiracy because this whole Zika situation is full of real facts that show the outbreak, we can't ingore it.

  7. WHO. Is The bad guy, they both conduct experiments with viruses and have other companies like Oxitech doing the same. Newsflash. How Come there's ALWAYS a new influnenza every single fucking year? and WHO selling vaccines strangely at the same time?
    and The same goes with aids, ebola etc. never in history can you look back and see the same viruses and symptoms. The only one I recall is The Black plauge. so my theory,,, it's all man made by companies like WHO and The rich ruling people in the world who wants to kill the poor people and make a profit at the same time and use media to create mass panic in the other fortunate less poor lands to sell more vaccines.